Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Gold Capsules. An excellent way to keep your skin's moisturizing lipids happy.

Skin Care Simplified

Are you at a loss when it comes to skin care products? Here's our fool proof guide to getting the best out of your skin care purchases, no matter more

Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector. The new wave of anti-aging treatments?

The Disappearing Age-Spot

More and more dermatologists see clients with photo-ageing damage such as dull skin, deep wrinkles and discolourations.   [gallery]   more

Love Diane Eau de Parfum, a new fragrance from Diane von Furstenberg that smells good enough to eat.

Confectionary Scents

Pralines and liquorice enhance Diane von Furstenberg’s new feminine fragrance, which smells good enough to eat.   [gallery]   Diane more

Estée Lauder's fall 2012 collection is the perfect way to bring out the glam rocker in you.

Glam Rock Returns

Estée Lauder's  fall 2012 cosmetics line-up shows a wild purple bender sure to please your inner glam rocker.   [gallery] The more

The new Permission For Men line of skincare products.

Men's Skincare

We may be in the middle of a recession, but thanks to high-maintenance men, the beauty industry is booming. According to research, the men’s more

Kate Hudson: a natural beauty of the finest kind. That doesn't mean that she doesn't know a thing or two about how to look your best though...

Kate Hudson Beauty Tips

When you think of Kate Hudson, an image of tousled golden locks, radiant skin and genuine natural beauty spring to mind.   [gallery] more

Tanned skin and lush tones: a match made in heaven.

Club Tropicana

From tan-boosting turquoise to mesmerising mango, discover the summer season’s hottest hues.     [gallery] Summer is here and more

Gwyneth Paltrow is but one of many stars that Nicola Joss has worked with.

Top Tanning Trends

Dark and ultra-faux are the buzzwords in tanning tone this season. [gallery] With a client list featuring the likes of Rihanna, more

38-year-old Kate Moss looking like the pinacle of youth and beauty.

Kate Moss Skincare Tips

Kate Moss likes to “glam up” her make-up if she is heading out with her girlfriends. She says that high-quality moisturisers and facials are the more

Beautiful Athletes

Fact: working out every day will give you a beautiful body. But it happens from time to time that some of the world's top sportsmen and women more



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