The Diamond of Gastronomy

18. November 2012, from Redaktion
Worth their weight in gold: truffles are universally referred to as the king of all delicacies in kitchens around the world.
Truffles are a wonderful way to enhance a wide variety of different dishes.

Life can be so simple – and truffles are a perfect example: those who don’t love them, generally can’t stand them. They generally compare with gold in terms of price to weight ration, and, as though the famous fungus knew of its own fame, they hide themselves in the earth. As long as expert Raffaele Lorenzo is on the trail however, they don’t have a chance.



It’s late fall – the perfect time for the Magnum Pito. This white truffle is found until the end of December, and that’s it for the season. It’s exceptionally delicate, extremely rare, and carries an appropriate price tag. It’s not for nothing that it’s often called “The Diamond of Gastronomy”. A subtle fungus, it hides underground, hoping to have the good luck of landing in Raffaele Lorenzo’s kitchen, where the Venice-born truffle specialist celebrates it as a veritable star guest.


Waiting for the white truffle


Raffaele Lorenzon has been working with these earthy delicacies for over ten years now. In addition to his gastronomy service, he’s also had a special shop in Hamburg’s upscale Eppendorf neighborhood since 2010 – the Truffle Atelier. The shop offers everything there is to know about the truffle; at the moment, the white truffle has the spotlight. But, in the spirit of a true diva, it doesn’t always stick to the schedule, and this is exactly what has happened this year. The clever fungus has become more attractive in its absence, driving prices even higher than normal – not that this would ever discourage a true truffle lover – and leaving supply woefully unable to keep up with demand.


Daily luxury


The Truffle Atelier offers fresh truffles year round, with the types available changing according to season. A truffle calendar offers guests an overview of approximately when each truffle arrives. And because they often end up on the table of hobby chefs accompanied by great fanfare, there are also tips and recipe ideas. Because divas love company, wine pairing suggestions and a large selection of specialty butters and honey choices are also on offer. And for all those who can’t make it to their own stove anymore due to hunger, pasta and antipasti with fresh truffles are an integral part of the daily menu.



There’s only one thing that you’re guaranteed not to find here, and that’s truffle halves: as soon as they’re cut open, truffles quickly lose their freshness and aroma. Truffle enthusiasts will find whole fungi here, starting with the smallest examples that weigh in at a mere five grams.

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