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17. October 2012, from Redaktion
Mythos Ferrari by Günther Raupp: speed.
Mythos Ferrari by Günther Raupp: Ferrari motor.
Mythos Ferrari by Günther Raupp: racing.
Mythos Ferrari by Günther Raupp: luxury.
Mythos Ferrari by Günther Raupp: racecar detail.
Mythos Ferrari by Günther Raupp: Enzo.

The story of Enzo Ferrari and his landmark Italian design iconography have long since become the stuff of legend – an upcoming exhibition called Mythos Ferrari will feature the work of renowned Ferrari photographer Günther Raupp, and ten rare and immaculate Ferrari showcars.



It’s a little-known fact, but the man who eventually went on to define sports car culture for nearly half a century (and whose company continues to do so today) was not actually interested in building cars when he started out. Enzo Ferrrari originally formed Scuderia Ferrari as a means of sponsoring young and amateur drivers racing Alpha Romeo machines. It wasn’t until he ended up producing machine tools and aircraft parts during WWII that a spark lit up in his eye, and by the time the war was over, Enzo had his own Ferrari factory in Maranello, Italy, and the rest is history.


The Ferrari legend


The sleek lines and iconic red that Ferraris sported from the very beginning quickly became synonymous with speed, style, and prestige. Ferrari’s success on the race track gave the company a prominent place in the history books, but what elevated it to the level of legend is the fact that some of its most famous (and best performing) vehicles were produced in dismally small numbers. To this day, the legendary Ferrari 250 GTO remains the most expensive car ever sold. A total of just 39 250 GTOs were built between 1962 and 1964 – and an example sold in May of 2012 in a private deal went for a record-breaking 35 million dollars.


Mythology celebrated


Mythos Ferrari is an exhibition held at a former ironworks factory in southern Germany that brings the work of famous Ferrari photographer Günther Raupp together with 10 rare Ferrari automobiles. Günther Raup began his work with Ferrari in 1984, having celebrated his purchase of a Ferrari Dino 246 Spider by releasing his first calendar of Ferrari photos. Enzo Ferrari was so impressed with the first edition of the calendar that he personally wrote Raupp a note thanking him, which can be seen on the photographer’s website to this day. Raupp’s work is marked by the use of strong contrast and shadow – what he describes as a ‘high-noon’ atmosphere – that helps to accentuate the sweeping lines and exaggerated curves that define Ferrari design.



Mythos Ferrari is held at Völklinger Hütte (Völklinger Ironworks), a UNESCO World Heritage Site that features stunning industrial machinery from a bygone era. The exhibition will run until 20.01.2013. Please visit Völklinger Hütte for more details and ticket information.

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