Paradise Found!

19. August 2012, from Redaktion
Dolphin Island: this Hobie Catamaran is available for guests to use at all times.
Dolphin Island: Breakfast on the hilltop sleep out hideaway bure.
Dolphin Island: breakfast on the floating pontoon. How much more paradise could you ask for?
Dolphin Island: dawn breaks at the hilltop sleep out 'bure' or hut.
Dolphin Island:a hilltop hideaway hut for romantic overnights.
Dolphin Island: the pavillion at the main 'bure' or thatched hut. Rustic luxury at its finest.
Dolphin Island: Scuba diving at one of Fiji's best reef locations.
Dolphin Island: stunning coral and shell framed mirrors adorn bathrooms.
Dolphin Island: the infinity pool at twilight is a magical sight.
Dolphin Island: The infinity pool with relaxing day beds for luxurious relaxation.

Everything is open for interpretation, and while we do our best to remain diplomatic in uncertain situations, some times you just look at a place and say “I know what that is!” In the case of Dolphin Island in the South Pacific, the ‘what’ is ‘paradise’.



All in all, there are just a ton of tropical beach islands out there. The Canaries, the French Polynesian Islands, any number of islands off the coast of Australia – which is itself a big giant beach island of sorts – not to mention Cuba and the Dominican Republic. Certainly there are many of these that also feature sumptuous luxury resorts. But, you know, sometimes a person just wants to try something they haven’t before, and sometimes a place just catches your eye. So today, we take you to Dolphin Island, a private island run by Huka Retreats in the midst of the Fiji islands.




The main attraction at Dolphin Island is – as is to be expected – the breathtaking beauty of the place. Situated right at the edge of Viti Levu, Fiji, surrounded by idyllic, nearly surrealistic sparkling blue waters and covered with gleaming emerald greens, tropical islands don’t really get any more stunning than this. And of course, there are all the fresh pineapples, mangoes, papayas, and bananas that your heart might ever desire.



Accommodation and cuisine


Guests are housed in luxurious thatched roof huts that blend in architecturally with their surroundings on the outside, and reflect the colors and textures of the Pacific Ocean landscape on the inside, with an eye to creating an exceptionally comforting ambiance.


With hospitality run by Dawn Simpson, the policy is discretion with style, and guests can opt for as much or as little attention as they feel they want or need.


In addition to the fresh fruits mentioned above, innovative Fijian cuisine is prepared daily using local ingredients to create delicacies that feature many different colors and flavors.




There are some to-do possibilities beyond the obvious things that a person does on a tropical island. Should you tire of exquisite beach lounging and strolling about to no place in particular in the sun, a private catamaran is at your disposal, and the resort offers fishing, sightseeing tours, and kayaking as well as many other aquatic activities. Snorkelers and diving enthusiasts should take note that the shallow water and reefs around the island are full of many different species of fish.





Until the end of 2012, Huka Retreats will be offering special package deals. The ‘4 nights for the price of 3’ deal starts at 27,000 AUD for a twin bure (hut), and the ‘6 nights for the price of 4’ starts at 36,225 AUD for a twin bure. Further information and booking inquiries can be made through the Dolphin Island homepage. Many other vacation ideas can be found through our World's Luxury Guide Hotel Collection.

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